Thursday, June 25, 2009

Are you On the Farm?- Des Lyxia's first cut

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Perks of Companionship

My girlfriends tell me monogamy
          is the true life to lead

but I’ve seen the never made
          and sweat stained bed

sheets of my single friends who
          live their lives like a

fire bombing: frantic, consuming,
          irresponsible and

injurious to societal well-being.
          While the wind blows

their destruction to other cities, I
          look at them admiringly

and romanticize the want of a stranger
          bed. One that does

not bend beneath a nine to five
          husband (like mine)

whose love has grown soft in the
          wake of two children: a

daughter and son. At night when
          the trees brush about

and stab at the window sills,
          I often wish I were

born an Aries to declare war on
          mankind. Imagine,

vaginal corridors that sweep men,
          like dust, under

the frills of thick shag rugs.
          Instead of a welcome

mat, kempt and nubile, mine will
          be thick and rapt in tangles

that warn of terror. Uncertain threads
          would mimic the bob and

weave of a single soldier haplessly
          navigating the expanse

of an estranged mine field but then,
          then the men would

never let me sleep and I wouldn’t be
          getting emotionally

paid for those kind of lays. I suppose
          they’re right, my

girlfriends. I’m happy to be married
          to an over-worked

man whose deep, snore-heavy sleep
          means never having

to fake an orgasm

Things We Know both Fantastical and True

While delivering sweat
we’ve considered leaning
more on the left,
less on the right
then the horse
gets only so wet

We’ve thought about the horse.
We’ve thought about it
like this.

A larger friend.
An equality beast.
Home equity loans,
do they apply to beasts?

We know certain things are true
Fact: Cancer devours animals
Fact: Animals have tails
Fact: Tails are not made of bone
Fact: Bones go in both directions

This is what we know,
this is what we’ve thought.
This is how to have it
if having is a construct.

Fantasy, like a new pair of jeans
Or walking in the rain: feels so
good at times, hard to imagine
it isn’t at all a dream.

While delivering fact
we’ve considered leaning
more on the left
less on the right
then the speaker
gets straight to the point.

We’ve thought about the truth.
We’ve thought about it
like this.

A humble friend,
an apt reality.
Forging horse shoes,
does that constitute as truth?

We know certain things bear burdens
Horse: Words tend to matter
Horse: Matter constitutes weight
Horse: Weight produces pressure
Horse: Pressure is just a word

This is what we know,
this is what we’ve thought.
This is how to read it
if reading is a product.

Fantasy, like a new pair of reins
taut in gallop around a lake: feels so
natural sometimes, hard to imagine
they don’t buckle under our weight.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

cracked pipes

imprints of Mexican children circumnavigate your curves;
the lady like bootlegger mudflaps covered the cracks
and saw all the pipes heating up till they busted
haiku's not written yet were already learned from an early age
You stepped from this world into a garden and the garden is You.
planted in sawdust and watered by cowboy spit-
at least you got off and out of the pot
Yage screenprints the mind in tide-dyes of ultraviolet
or was it infrared? I can never remember which is denser
or which caused the riot.
a priestess still taking confessions of remorse
Why, B. Did he do it?
broken toilet bowls spell out Y E S like alphabet soup once purged into its crevasses
porcelain dolls with cracked heads never made it that long anyways.
I stepped into the Garden and it was You.

Rose Street, Regina SK?

sought my twin in you
with incestuous purpose
now I lay me down