Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Which side of the bed
Does a gangster's heart sleep on?
Brass lids getting down
And soon enough the green's gone.

Green eyes, green bills, high girls
On green lakes
You with blue eyes, stuck roadside
Playing dice at high stakes.

The seduction of pale risk
I sit tight on the stand.
No witness to this bliss
And you're a gambling man.
My hips are battering rams -
I'd break blood oaths for pleasure
And one made by hand.

Sit beside me, and my patience will fail,
But no one tracks Macks who don't leave paper trails.

You can take what you want from my self-help mouth
Stop my lips with a tongue that wasn't meant to stick out.
Twist and shout,
In your kitchen, with bare feet and apple eyes
You laid your vengeance down,
With yer palms at yer sides

Black diamond ambitions, twin sins, one threat
Every hair stands on end when the lightening connects

Lips you bite like rare meat
Soft sheets licked like lime
Cough once, lean back,
Tequila in due time.

Do time, this summer
Break bricks with chain-gang desire
Touch lips like a kiss
To raw telephone wires.

Cause strangers at first,
Get dangerous later
Bathed in the glow of suburban drug layers.

Some friends pretend romance in front-seat solidarity
Purple smoke parts just once
For a moment of clarity
No charity for made men,
Or for this man's maid
But a soft-core crush,
And a short-term hit parade.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

For M.

A dark star touched the earth one night,
And somehow you were made.

It burdened you with fire and light,
While it went on to fade.

I've seen you on our sidewalks,
A one man cavalcade.

So pretty are your shadows,
So deadly is your shade.

Ghosts out after midnight,
Haunting Dairy Queen's parkade.

A union borne in shining eyes,
That nothing can degrade...