Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jughead + Delphi = Forever

My radiant face is the sunny facade
Of the Adult Video and Book Shoppe,
Your capable hand clasped around my one long freckled arm
You've been here before
You are familiar with the heaviness of the door
That leads inside
I note that you're
Using just enough force to ease me open
Without unwarranted attention
From the sullen clerk
Careful not to
Pique the horsey shyness of the clientel.

A girl who drew down on herself the displeasure of the heavens

Have mercy!
I'm just a dumb beast in the spring time
With the dull animal rememberance of sex

Exhaling floral hormonal sighssighssighs

And blushing petals stick in your hair
Drifting yonder
To infect all around me
Awakening similar lusts
Exhuding an aura
Of pink harmlessness
Restrained only barely
By a famous blue raincoat
A Rose called Carnation
In my teeth

A May-time fire in my veins called MN
Raising welts in the fabric of my innermost
Flying always South
In dusty rural daydreams, lately
My fingers are velveteen field mice
I'm up to the elbow in the splendid icing
Of a wedding cake's memories
Sharpened marzipan teeth
Jaded claws on the greedy fingers
Of this will' O the whisp
That sweeps softly through all the local Friday nights.

It was all a dream:

Awakened by the wolf-cry of twin choppers across
The prairie streets
My vision splits
I know with the certainty now
That I am cursed
Brought back from this reverie
To find the constellation Orion
His belt writ in glittering lacerations
Across my milk-white _ k_ n.

I am sure of what comes next,
An audience with the Oracle . . .
I am headlong in preparation,
Making myself so drunk that I cannot talk
And going to loiter on her porch
Not far from the Aerostar
While a sickness all in golden bruises
Affllicts me, I lean there /
On her pillars /
And track-marks and pinstripes
Emboss my body
Scaling down the masterpiece of femeninity
With Thursday Night's style
I'm overready for my audience

*Bellerphon Calling!

Obscenity is is a pair of knees
Hitting the grass so hard that Chlorophyll
Spills like dental blood
And OH!
Sweet green grasses,
Under starry neon signs
The only limit we knew in this world
Dictated by a chain-link fence lined
With faded pastel refuse
Always we were destined
To scale a God's mountain
My body in your kitchen,
Now that's obscenity.

I exhale just once more
You crave the hot/cold chocolate
Of my words
I dream of foreign pavement
And new crystaline pint glasses
That I will cradle child-like against my breast
As I dwell behind the stained-glass divder
Sentenced and destined by Delphi
To run on bridges forever,
Passing greater and more beautiful things as I go
Never to linger
As my feet will singe

And the bridges burn.