Friday, January 30, 2009

Evening Night and Morning

When I think about a world
full of cities like New York and Chicago,
like London and Paris,
Beijing and Tokyo,
I get scared to death.
If, rather than a few hundred miles apart,
these dense human heaps
piled up just over every horizon.
I hear the stomping and shouting,
the college dormitory halls and balconies.
I wonder and listen. Who needs music
when you've got a front row seat
to the Stumblebutt Orchestra,
really the best and brightest.
I heard the chirping start this morning
right outside my window
with the squeal and croak of
a solitary early bird.
I tried to call when I heard
the birds start to chirp this morning.

Monday, January 26, 2009

my daughter will be named Sylvio : and ribbons will rain down upon Her

Always to loiter menacingly
On the precipice of some
Small gesture that will
“set it to happening”
I am rabid with what remains

Indistinct in sunlight
The night is my highlight
Elixir of yeast
I bud cigarette garnishes
Going well with everything

Swedish Crime writer
This is my position
And I am functional relationships
VS. romantic idealisms
The wannabe skeleton key