Friday, February 8, 2008

A Lake in...

A glass of water motionless with ice
sits on a desk
amidst two months worth of dust

It wants little
on a coaster
It waits to be picked up

The sun rises
and glows hot on the unsuspecting ice
It distorts the image
of everything
the steadfast glass
Now it wells up
with sweat

Somewhere outside
a cloud survives
the sun
A light goes on
above the quick
shrinking ice

Unlike plants and mammals
water doesn’t need
natural light
to grow
beneath the surface
of the earth
a myriad waterways
and turn
uncharted land make paths
few gods will ever know

The cloud moves beyond
the now setting sun
A light goes out
allowing the moon
to illuminate a thing
motionless in itself

The glass is no longer cold
It's grown hot
and diluted
with small pieces of skin
that sat amongst
two month and one day old
The water waits

It wants not
what humans crave
It wants

Only to be left
as victim of the sun