Monday, January 7, 2008

extended predictions

1. Blake was right about the Sheena Easton comeback thanks to some suave dancing, but he neglected to mention the club remix, which will be done by lil' john and the Easton boys.
2. Speaking of crunk, purp will be in the cup all year long
3. Holes in the cerebral cortex will also be on the rise due to prediction #2
4. Curling will be finally recognized as a legitimate sport, right up there with lawn darts and 5 pin bowling.
5. Legalization of absinthe leaves thousands upset over drinking shitty 60% alc. anise flavored liquor with psychedelic effects that are few and far between.
6. Beard appreciation month (no shave november) will be acknowledged early, and will see record turnout.
7. Everyone will realize how lame facebook is and switch to just reading branches. (a man can dream)