Friday, July 24, 2009

'The Process' excerpt

"...We are, all of us, here today and everyday, in an extreme situation- between birth and death don't you agree? Is there some still more extreme situation in which we can imagine ourselves? Yes; the extreme situation of leaving here willingly; do you follow me? Can you follow me if we go?... I don't mean just silly old death either; I mean sneaking past him. Oh, I dont mean necessarily bodily but maybe so; maybe even physically; maybe as if we were just thinking crystals in some other state, imagine. Well its alot less thinkable since space, isnt it?
'There is no Place in Space!' No hope of heaven or home out there, either, but, maybe, a hope of my I being You everywhere, do you see? Otherwise a rather grim prospect for us space creatures, isnt it; caught like astronauts dependant on their bodies"
-Brion Gysin in The Process (286, Tusk Ivory)