Monday, February 18, 2008


how do you make it all seem real?
i find it hard to fit the parts
with open pages

is it me or just the season
cuz im feeling less inspired now
perhaps I'll get out
more often

we always knew it wasn't easy
to recall the past and write it down
my memory wont serve me half as well
as photographic stills

just sitting on the shelf
they cant help themselves
they cant help but glare

our eyes are simply cameras
I myself, just a voyeur
my head is filled with darkrooms
taking names and printing colors

is it wrong to create confusion
with attempts at reckless thoughts
in print?
Whatever keeps you interested
while im connecting dots

# 101

101 posts for those with jokes and hopes for the most
and not for the closed or those who happen to have chose
the path which ultimately shows who is strong
and who has held out for something beyond the rainbows
or those nights on moon lake; all the walks i never got to take
and all the laughter I never had to fake.
-A schedule of routine stakes
as easy as spearing fish in a lake.
bada-boom, bada-quake.
the only one who appears to erase.