Thursday, February 21, 2008

When you take the time to think of good memories

When you take the time to think of good memories
you can separate your self- from consciousness
and you may find new memories
left behind by the waves of others, like kelp washed up on the shore
during low tide.

Today I am wearing clean clothes
and even on the bus
over the diesel smell I can breathe and take in the perfumed fabric softener,
it makes my nose twitch.
And I really must wonder
how a mix of chemicals
can smell natural
even on the fingers after the waxy residue is left behind.

When I scratch my face, the smell comes back
and I must remember to pick the laundry up
from the dryer. It has surely been an hour.
And beneath that realization,
I remember my friends have gone to pick up grass,
I must not drink all of their wine,
and beneath that memory I think that more must be purchased.

More memory more wine forgets;
I see names written all over the walls
in an illegible scrawl,
the writer will return to this place eventually
and remember the night he wrote his name in gold pen
over another in black pen,
even if he no longer knows
who wrote whose name first.