Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I can be anything

Where does my mind wander?
Why does it go there?

At night.
Always at night.

When I can’t help but remember.
Because it gets cold, even under covers
And I feel alone.

I can be anything
for you
I think these thoughts.
I can be anything
to you
I come from naught.

Because I am alone

The taste of face and cheek and collarbone in the morning
were proof enough to believe in the twelve Olympian deities
of w

We touched until the clocks struck eight,
when our alarms finally got off,
before we really woke up.

Now it's
Always like this. Late and a… al
Are you at home,
asleep and holding your cats close?

Maybe you’re dreaming
or next to a Caucasian European
(Russian, German, Polish, Hungarian)
not sleeping.

Latin. Spanish. French. Swahili.
I can sing the planet’s geography.

So lay down, breathe,
forget your brain, and listen
to the sound of another heartbeat racing
the thrusts into your body.