Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Juggler

And there she sits,
Cinnamon-Cigarette twist lips
Elbow propped on a switch hip
Made of aluminum siding,
Where the aces are slipped
And a Vodka/Lemonade made lisp,
That drips

Off a tongue so young and so fine
Some angel divine, drinking whole boxes of wine
At a time

All her energy poured out
Like spilt milk
Not enough white tears to cry
Not enough ruined silk
It’s not enough to ask WHY
It’s not enough to show ILL
Shooting always to kill
Put your hands in the sky…

I do it for love,
And lay-down days of Vics Vapo Rub
To push with my eyes
When you’re too far off to shove
Beating back tears with a pool cue
Trying now to bewitch you
With my lies, with my thighs
And the way I preach Voodoo
But en lieu
She smokes crack out-back
And then tries to step to you

Here’s what cracks
Conscience when down in the sheets
On my back
All those bar-stools built flimsy
The wrought-iron they lack
This last minute attack
Of memories ground fine
As a white-dust gold mine
Of sodomy, a temporary full-frontal lobotomy
What was Theirs, what is mine
Hair-dryer left behind
Parking fines

Left unpaid
‘Til the last minute
When credit is due
The purple hue of an aura, out-shone by a few
Outdoing many,
And many more to out-do
Look at you
All gone-gone-gone so fine-fine-fine
I still have my name
And we’ll meet in due time.

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