Monday, October 13, 2008

3 works (lao soo, lao zoo?) (revised cuz i was drunkerz)

save yourself
from everyone
not just anyone

close all doors
you welcome the light no more

before sleep and doom
you hum a prayer
to the new moon

it is coming for you

always the opposite
still magnificent
bright smiling faces
so shine your grace for us

and beware

i pay you no attention
will i regret this?
can i forget to move on,
to further progress?

only time can tell me
what will be
i've seen some things
these images haunt me

so if you wish
to scream and howl
do not think of daytime
be a night owl

care less of this moonlight

so i bring this hand to you
will you take it?
hold it true?

or let go

you know
is on its way
trouble follows you

if you are going to be so shy
as to leave us all behind
to heed these lines
live in the night

and always be kind

surrounded on all sides
all of the time

impossible to ignore
the streets
the people
the booze seekers

going and going

every footstep
makes a path
in the road

so i throw a few coins
if i remember

draw some lines
to see how they assemble

erect a poem
or two

flip through those pages
find wisdom
from fu hsi
or lao Zhu

they tell me to be firm
to be correct

and good fortune will find you

should i follow these new people
to find my truth?

in a new city
islands, boroughs, and liberty

i wonder and live in this mammoth building
foreign to me

pristine beds to sink into
they swallow me whole

my dreams go on forever
and suddenly interrupted
by some howling from the new urban forest

there will be no more distractions


Keith said...

blah blah blah
blah blah blah
blah blah blah


Panda said...

keith, i had a dream about you last night.