Saturday, November 17, 2007


I am my own god
and therefore the only truth.
So, here it seems as though
the holy life is one alone.
I look up to
the late fall sky
(the mirrored pond
placid now, rests
among the buildings high)
and see my face
smile to the sky-
as-sea, -as-mirror
or -as-clouds.
A window bright
with sun and dust
reflects my God as
pure and just
and right.
The holiest nights I am alone
with saints: appendages all my own,
and light a candle- vigil's smoke
now darkens holy Narcissus' home.

1 comment:

Blake said...

Talk about fap

The image you have created of a god in this poem is phenomenal. I love that the speaker of your poem looks up toward the sky (as "mirrored pond" (7)) only to see himself looking down from above. So what does your speaker consider "the holiest nights?" (19). Are they ones when he is alone? Does he simply sit at home and fap (see “saintly appendages” (21))? Also, why is the “holy life” mentioned in the fourth line to be lived alone? Surely the god in your poem, albeit narcissistic, has friends and harems of women to fuel his boasts. Doesn’t everyone light their own vigils in the name of Narcissus? And if so how does doing so make your speaker alone?

The sentence structure in this poem is great and your use of imagery (as argument) is very effective (see. Middle of poem).

This poem is offensively self-aware and I love it.