Saturday, December 27, 2008

in closeness and distance

Have you got the time?
guess it depends on who you are
and what you've done for me today
forget yesterday in rhyme-
-not for all the ketchup fights at mattress house
'but I love you still' he pouts
like a beer loves a glass
without motion time still can pass
but alas, the bubbles all go flat without a sip,
only a gentle quip:
'I have needs you know'
now seems like forever,
but the change is slow
old man river's got a heavy flow
so you walk out the door
for nothing but gentle scorn and floorboards
that tap.. tap.. tap.. till you hear no more
finally you know the score
(in the distance you hear four to the floor)
zero to zero
and whore to whore

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

*dance* no 'caps' and the read for me was so much smoother, rolling off my tongue.
You know how I think this would look and feel good though? Two line stanza. Hmmmmmmm? Just a thought, you.