Wednesday, September 3, 2008

38 Tons Composition

Amphetamine man, how you told me truths.
How John whispered repetitive;
Forgive me, forgive me, forgive me.
“Later on,” I said.
Canada versus America
We strolled on, me on the curb
You on the street.

I like to ride bikes,
In the summer sun, dizzy and high.
No sleeping, no eating,
No letters left distinguished
In your tattoos, on my keypad.

Jovial girl, bristles like a lost cat
It’s been raining for three days,
And I wonder, what’s the weather like
Where I really would much rather be.

You’re going to score a touchdown,
And I’m going to make a save.
I have parking slips,
And you have train tickets,
Bottles of cheap wine,
And your stepfather’s coffin.

I’m tipsy with an inner ear infection,
I lie when I am desperate,
And I plead when I am drunk.
Can you hear me, can you read me?

The truth is, when you decided to grow a mustache
It was on all our lips,
Not just yours.
Now I am stuck in the stiff upper regions of the world,
Missing you, and drinking milk.


Anonymous said...

You were always in the upper regions of the world. Why wait? There is a bunch of shit below.

Also, too much milk is actually bad for your bones.

Look it up girl. Try and ask Jeeves.

Will said...

Also, milk is super gross.

I miss you dearly.

Andrew said...

Milk is excellent, and the upper regions of the world are nice and tranquil. A good place for reflection and all that hibbidy-hoo.

Panda said...

You all make me very happy. I miss you to Will!! Super-much a lot.

Panda said...
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