Saturday, May 3, 2008

things we hate to admit

Im all alone
enjoying peace quietly
not knowing why i am sitting here
not knowing what i am staring off into
the middle distance as they say
reminders of comedians
they are nothing more than that
a comic
ive noticed their demeanor
and i understand
that everyone should recycle

but its different in other realms
of art and of science
some stand on their toes
ready to give insult to injurie
although their own misfortunes
would bring a hardier laugh

you see, no body wants to hear about their own pitfalls
unless its a shit joke.

more things we hate to admit.
and they've come along way
its easy to pick others apart

"Well, I'm sorry"
"I didn't realize"

i see how your faults are my own
i dont have my own reflection
i dont see myself

just the people ive come to meet
with friendly greetings
they want to take
my time away from me
like i keep my thoughts away
its okay, only for a while

most of us wont miss them anyways...
how romantic?

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