Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Amateur Pornographer

Tell me about it.
She's sweeping up everything,
Swaying layers of fabric
Seduction like a daily thing.
A pole-cat, pole-cat
Swinging from a tree.
All the dead grass of a summer trespass
The Milky Way encircled by a steering wheel
And if the Big Band rages on,
We two will live forever.


Anonymous said...

Keep On Swinging,
Hang On That Tree,
Acrobatic Panda.

But what about calling it amateur pornography instead? You seem like you're more referring to the pornography than creating it/describing it forthright.

And I don't understand 'And if the Big Band rages on,' so much. Can you make that part more beefy?

Panda said...

I could... but where's the beef?