Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hey baby, you wanna go for a ride?
Don’t tell me no, cause legs like that
make me think of drippy stains
and don’t be shy, you know
my wallet is good for it.

Your hazel tone is
always such a good sip.
Wait what? God no, I don’t need
a stove anymore.
I’ve learned my lesson.

I’ve learned it’s not about potency
but rather the taste you leave
when you get all up in my
moustache. Makes me
unable to think straight.

Alright, so are you game?
You want to do it in the piece
that cools you off?
No, not the one with insulated
plastic covering.

I’m talking about that black number.
The one I found out back
in the dumpster. Of course
You remember
so let’s do this quick.

I’m ready
to crash with you
and lay awake
for the remainder
of the day.

1 comment:

Simon said...

two points for the flavor saver