Sunday, January 6, 2008

Predictions From Blogopolis

Hi guys, it’s Blake and it’s that time of the year again! Predictions for 2008!!! Perhaps this list is a little late but what of it, we are living the future right now and cool stuff happens like every day. So here are some things I think would be cool if they happened in 2008.

  1. Sheena Easton will make a massive come back and a shocking dance statement with her smooth moves in the critically acclaimed “9-5 (Morning Train)” music video.
  2. A couple new fashion trends will sweep the nation. The first being matching ones clothes with what they are drinking. Margaritas? Yellow t-shirts and tan shorts duh. Cosmos? Pink sweaters and shiny jeans. Beer? Brown turtle necks and fucking brown dock martins. Aprons will also become popular.
  3. In 2008, America will elect a president who fancies dueling. Wait, America will elect Andrew Jackson’s bones president.
  4. KFed
  5. Dinosaurs will become hip and the kids will start calling their friends by their reptilian surnames. Like Greggasaurous Rex. Or Jilatactyl. How about "Bronteosusan?"
  6. On April 4th, Scientists will invent a jacket that keeps warm by sending text messages.
  7. Steve Rocco will reveal that he is not Andy Kaufman but rather John Lennon. Everyone wins.
  8. Parents will demand they attend school with their children in order to keep them safe from terrorism. Also the kid leash, a favorite among traveling/mall going families, will be written into the constitution. On January 17, parents will be forced to keep their children on leashes at all times.
  9. No one will say “pants.”
  10. History will acknowledge itself and throw an awesome theme party for the world.

Well gosh, that is about everything I can think of right now. Hopefully these cool things will become fact in 2008! I’m curious to see what you predictions are for the upcoming year. Comment/post your guesses of what will make 2008 great!


Anonymous said...

My baby takes the morning train

Anonymous said...

I believe one prediction was forgotten: denim pajamas.

Also, night time is the right time.


Blake said...

Can you guys take me to a movie? Or to a restuarant?