Friday, January 4, 2008

I told you that you would never believe me

There at the embankment of a highway overpass
runs a fearful friend of mine,
away from a car crash
and what he has recently decided is a "drinking problem,"
but what is most likely the same pressures we have all considered,
now embodied by what he does at this very moment:
running from that potential threat,
be it unaided social interaction
or clear-headed consideration regarding the state of our lives.

But I love him, like I love all of you
and if I wish you anything
it is the ability to stop running across freezing Minnesota highways
at three in the morning,
or maybe the strength to drink all day,
and never think that you have a problem.


Joseph said...

good message to start the year off!
my ulcer has a problem w/ what you're saying, but i don't.

Simon said...

I have a problem with will's inability to realize his real problem- not drinking but rampant nihilism, paired with considerable narcissism. Its the intellectual equivalent to drowning while you've got the yellow fever. ouch~

but seriously guys, if you're going to drink and drive through NOaks, make like pat and make sure you stash your grass before the 5-0 shows up

Keith said...

sweet jesus