Monday, December 17, 2007

Everything is as it seems

I’m going out tonight,
a zombie on the streets.
Decked in black jeans,
a sweatshirt,
and headband from nineteen ninety eight

I was eleven
back then.
I used to even ski!
And in these clothes
I will feast.

On passerbys.
Others will watch and think
we’re just pretending.
But, I won’t be kidding,
I will eat.

Motorists pull over
In an attempt to calm me.
A bite of them and I will be forgiven
in the name of Jesus. Amen.
My victims will experience martyrdom.

Be seated, sir, at the right hand of our lord.
I will be forgiven.
In the name of Jesus, I feast.
For I’m eating thee with regards of the spirit.
Welcome to my church.

Your body is my temple
and to this I pray.
Now say thirty Hail Marys
For now I eat.

A city full of sin,
Of gays,
And bars,
And junkies.
I won’t have trouble.

I will find my congregation
Ten Bloody Marys deep.
Thy will be medium rare,
On earth as it is at dinner,

I will eat

I will raze the trash bins
and pick out everything
behind maternity wards.
like a demon.

And I will be forgiven
and seated, with respect.
In my vicious martyrdom,
of which you’ll all be victims,
I am forgiven

My acts are justified
for I am legion.


Joseph said...

i really like this blake

Simon said...

did you mean to say 'I am legend' at the end? God, you would make a briliant Wil Smith. (maybe it's something in the facial hair)
I found your dinner to heaven comparison very applaudable, and maybe next time an ode to the fourth meal is in order, that is, if I don't beat you to it.

Anonymous said...

love, marie

Keith said...


Blake said...

Although I haven't read or seen, "I Am Legend," and have read Preacher, this has nothing to do with either. "I am Legend" has Will Smith and well, Preacher has A vampire, which does not feast, but rather relishes in neck flesh and blood wine. I just dream about zombies, like all of the time, and well, you've all got to make sure you have a plan when zombie apocalypse comes. Cause like, I'm hanging on my roof and using the floor boards to fortify my shit. NawwadImean?

Anonymous said...

look. it made me think about preacher. i think cassidy feasts. he loves feasting on suckers, you know it blake! and i would definitely want cassidy hanging about were a zombie apocalypse imminent.