Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sonnet I+II

We have no tragedy or plague
to draw sympathy for our love,
or laws that speak in sentence vague
to keep a distant feeling of

cruel heartbreak kept at length of arm.
I thought the concept simple just
to love without unfaithful lust,
but men and women keep their charm

inside the halls of lusty mind
for heart breaks swift in front of eyes.
Where eyes are lifted to a breast
or lip or hip or head at rest

Allow me sanctuary's clear.
The mind is romance, love is here.

The color is clearer at night,
drastically affected by light
with match's flame or a flashlight
deepest hues of green, yellow shine.

That reflection is bouncing off
the dullest wood and dampest dirt
creates a temporary wall
beams shoot light through the barrier.

It's never truly night or day
Nor is it ever time or year.
Each lovely stage of sun and moon
as beautiful or as serene.

In every night the path is clear
by moon we meet and love is here.

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