Monday, September 24, 2007

We are the Future Eaters

With deft precision we eat our future
like daisycutter bombs to the vietnamese canopy
incinerating the leaflets to begin a new winter
one where all is clean
and white
and void of human tracks
except my own dirty boots
which I cannot escape from


Anonymous said...

what does it mean, metaphorically, that the speaker's dirty boots are the cause of the only tracks tread on the new winter?

If dirty boots treading on the new winter (possibly a metaphor for the future) represents future-eating, why is the speaker the only one partaking in future-eating, when the "we" is such a prevalent aspect of the poem?

and what if you combined lines 4 and 5 to be:
one where all is clean white

Anonymous said...

yo anonymous the first, i believe you, you know stuff.

Anonymous said...

As far as the first post is concerned, I believe the line, "one where all is clean" followed by "and white" is separated so as to create an emphasis on the Western world's penchant for imperialism. What with the now defunct "British Empire," as well as the current, "American Empire," I feel that the lines should play as they are. Besides, it would create a line that is too long for the second half of the stanza. When it comes to this kind break in a poem, the writer has written it such in order to make the audience think.

"'Why is one where all is clean' and, 'and white' not in the same sentence?"

There is obviously something there.

Anonymous said...

angsty, wah wah

Will said...

druuugs man.