Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Treasure Maps Breathe

[Look for an area that is known for pink, ripe peaches. Where local folk boast of its small town beaches.]

Brown grass covered by big pussy willows.
Dirt ground filled with moss covered stones.
Tree trunks long sunk pile on the lake’s floor.
Submerged brown logs have long since been gored.

The water is elusive and can’t be seen from shore. It’s always disguised by foliage and salicaceae branches. If curious enough to still brave the swim, be like the seamen and bring extra pairs of britches.

The water itself is too green with algae.
Scattered lily pads scathe feet slimy with weeds.

If a boat can be found or one wants drown, two legendary white flowers soak in the only sunlight around.

Adventurer Be wary:
No one knows how or who to place blame, but those two rare lotuses always get picked.

First sign of spring.

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